Disciplined Focus

Because even the largest and most complicated projects are all about the details

Project Transportation

Your Trusted Advisor for Projects

The global nature of today’s marketplace makes it absolutely necessary that your logistics and transport provider is adept at handling any size project, with any budget, any timeline, anywhere in the world.

We always consider the customers requirements first. We do more than simply supply a service; we also act as a sounding board for our clients when it comes to questions or brainstorming solutions for a particular transport. By doing this, we are able to find the right solution and fulfil our goal of making things as easy as possible.

Moving products from one location to another is fundamental to the logistics process. This can involve multiple modes of transportation that result in a door-to-door movement. Noah Projects and Logistics maintains an extensive network of partners who are all equipped with highly-trained professionals that share in our vision to achieve results.

Efficient, cost-effective, individual transport solutions… these are our guiding principles and what Noah is all about.

Range of services:

  • Co-operative project planning
  • Project site evaluations and studies
  • Comprehensive transportation budgets
  • Coordinating packing/shipping instructions with sub-vendors
  • Tracking and expediting shipments worldwide, even from numerous sub-vendors
  • Vessel and aircrafts selection
  • Booking ocean and air cargo
  • Supervision of loading and discharge in ports of call
  • Delivery from destination ports to job sites
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